Arch International

ARCH - The Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Humanity is capable of amazing feats of beauty and creation – but also of heart-breaking violence and destruction. The Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ARCH), a non-profit organization, stands with those who are working to make, protect and revere the great accomplishments of civilization. In ways large and small, we are committed to the promotion and defense of culture marred by crisis and war.

Urgent Action: Pavlopetri   Urgent Action

Our newest project, saving the world's oldest underwater city in Greece. More >>


ARCH International, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Blue Shield have convened “The Working Group to Protect Syrian Heritage in Crisis." MORE »

MesAynak   RumiGardens

The Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage (“ARCH”) International, Inc. is laying the groundwork for a major public campaign to prevent the decimation of ancient Buddhist temples and Bronze Age metal foundries at Mes Aynak, a major site on the ancient Silk Road that is endangered by a current plan to mine copper from this historic location. MORE »


ARCH is in the final phase of realizing an innovative landscape architecture project with the trademarked title Rumi Garden. In collaboration with Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish experts we are designing a prototype of a garden which is sustainable, multifunctional, and most importantly, wholly inspired by mystic poet Rumi. MORE »


The Bamiyan Project was ARCH International's first major initiative. We believe Bamiyan valley is a vital region holding a great potential for the future. We also believe both Buddhas should be restored. MORE »


Nations are not only formed by battles and hard facts on the ground. Intangible cultural heritage, such as traditional storytelling as a way of collectively remembering the past and learning lessons for the future, needs to be preserved as well. MORE »

Tools For Education    

ARCH International is reaching out to everyone who is interested in fighting for the remains of ancient civilizations. We believe the field of cultural heritage preservation needs an image change. These dusty relics that are thousands of years old are still standing for a reason. Let's come together and create apps, museum parties, travel snapchat stories and heritage selfies. Share your ideas with us, we would love to collaborate with you. MORE »